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Aerial Photography

Pricing is on a per job basis. All aerial photography shoots are different and there are a lot of things to consider. Temperature, wind speed, air condition, whether there are trees or power lines in the way, all factor in when doing aerial photography. In most cases we can give you an upfront cost by going to the site and doing a free estimate. If none of these dangers are a factor then it is really simple. FPV SOLUTIONS is committed to delivering the highest quality images and video, therefor the date for the shoot will always be determined and controlled by weather conditions. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Pricing For A Typical Aerial Photo Shoot Is As Follows:

  • One time charge of $195 location fee for the first hour. Each address is 1 hour site time    plus 1 hour minimum charge. (Most shoots will not take longer than 1 hr.)

  • During shoots we will capture between 10-100 original images, depending on what the  customer is looking for.If additional time is needed at same site it will billed be at $95 per hour.
  • Included with fee, clients will receive one large format picture in digital form. Additional photographs can be purchased for $75 dollars per photo.
  • All images on a CD in whatever format you choose. (jpg, psd, raw, tif, etc.)
  • Within 48 hours of shoot, clients will be provided with a low resolution thumbnail proof (via web) so they can choose which photos they’d like to purchase. An additional fee may apply for a rush proof sheet.
  • If requested, photo retouching, enhancing, editing and HDR images can be provided at a rate of $100 per hour. One hour minimum, with up to 6 enhanced images per hour.
  • Travel expenses are included with fee, within 40 miles of Chico. Past 40 miles will be charged $0.60 per mile for the additional mileage.
  • High Risk Shoot: additional $75 per hour. (Safety is always a factor, so please see our Safety page)
  • Special realtor packages available for multiple address sites.
  • All prices are for a onetime use of images and video! Any further usage needs to be approved by FPV Solutions. Additional usage of images or video must be discussed before they are used. Copyrights to the images or video belong to  FPV Solutions. You may purchase the copyright to the images at an additional cost.