FPV Solutions

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Safety Procedures:
At FPV Solutions safety is a number one priority. We work very hard to make sure our equipment is in top shape and perfect working order. Extensive maintenance and daily inspections of all equipment both before and after every shoot, helps us maintain safe and problem free equipment. If we feel that a shoot is too dangerous or might risk equipment, potentially harm property or people, we will decline the job, period. Safety is and will always remain priority one.
Safety Precautions:
  • Safety briefings are done before flying to all present.
  • Completion of checklists prior to operation
  • Use of top quality equipment.
  • Commitment to NOT fly over property or objects that pose safety risks
  • Multiple emergency alternate landing sites identified prior to flight
  • Radio control system safety measures are checked
  • An onboard failsafe system brings the engine to idle upon loss of signal
  • We never fly in adverse weather conditions, which include:
    • Rain, snow, sleet, fog or smoke conditions
    • Winds greater than 25 mph
    • Temperatures below 32 deg or above 110 deg F
  • Confirmation of safe and clear launch sites and clear climb out at approach corridors.
  • Rigorous preventative maintenance program.