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FPV Soultions is a full time professional photography and video production company. Our pictures and video from the air offer a unique perspective that can aid in presentation and sales of many product types.  FPV Solutions offers our clients unsurpassed quality, cutting edge technology and affordability through the use of its state of the art equipment. Applications for aerial imaging solutions are limited only by the client’s imagination. With  FPV Solutions  the Sky is NOT the limit to our photography and video production FPV Solutions
Specializing in low level (under 1000ft) aerial imaging including still photos, digital video and panoramas, through the use of sophisticated radio control mutirotors, airplanes and ground level mounts operated both line-of-sight and FPV, we are able to capture images from very unique perspectives.

Benefits FPV Solutions Services Include:
COST EFFECTIVENESS - RC aerial photography services cost a mere fraction of the expense of hiring a traditional helicopter or plane with a pilot.

ACCESSIBILITY – By flying lower, we are able to obtain a better view of a home, golf course, etc... To get, just the right shot, our equipment can fly over water, between trees, poles, etc. and through other obstructions (traditional full-size aircraft is unable to maneuver and CANNOT duplicate).

INCOMPARABLE FLEXIBILITY – Equipment and mobility allow us to move quickly from point to point to take video on-the-move, while creating incredibly dynamic images.
Passion for the SPORT, commitment to QUALITY

        At FPV Solutions video, photography and panoramas are not just a job. What started as a hobby has developed into a passion driven business. The latest technology, combined with the beautiful and unique services to be offered, the concept of taking aerial photographs for a living became a goal. Now the dream is a reality and FPV Solutions is proud to offer extremely high quality aerial imaging services at affordable prices.
Joshua Chastain, the owner and founder of the FPV Solutions began flying radio controlled airplanes as a hobby . This then led to RC cars and racing, which led to building cars and trucks and developing and creating aftermarket parts to improve the durability and design of over-the-counter cars. From there it was a hop, skip and a jump to helicopters and capturing views in stills and videos.

FPV Solutions is the culmination of 5 years of experience and passion for rc, photography and film making. We are excited that we have found a way to combine these interests into a business that can provide unique services for several industries.
Radio controlled helis, airplanes and trucks are NOT toys. They cost thousands of dollars each and have a higher power to weight ratio than full sized aircraft allowing them to maneuver and fly in ways that would be impossible for full sized aircraft to do without crashing. Helicopters can hover in a very stable position allowing for high quality still digital photography to be taken. Live real-time video feeds to a laptop computer on the ground allowing a camera operator to perfectly tilt, pan, zoom, focus, and snap the image or capture the video while the RC aircraft is in flight!
Safety, A Top Priority

In addition to aerial work, other services we provide are:
Traditional photography, HDR photography, video production, time lapse photography, video editing, voiceovers, music videos, commercials, promotional videos, chase & action scenes, green screen, weddings, cinema quality footage, model shoots, graphic design and much more. No job is to big or to small!
Providing our clients with the highest quality multimedia experience available is our specialty. Contact FPV Solutions today for a free quote.
For our non-aerial photography please visit our site BEEAERIALWEDDINGS.com